Liebst Du auch skandinavisches Design?

Do you love Scandinavian design too?

The clear design of Scandinavian interiors has always inspired me. And I don't just mean shopping at IKEA. 🤣 I've always loved the clean lines, the minimalism, the material mix of textiles and wood combined with white walls. And the lines of Scandinavian furniture...🤩... it's foult that Midcentury furniture by Danish designers is highly traded.

As we moved to Stockholm in 2018, I felt like I was in paradise. Then there was the Swedish serenity, which spilled over onto me after a while of settling in.

Lagom - the Swedish answer to almost everything - was everywhere. It means roughly: Not too much and not too little! Just the right amount!

"How much soup do you want?" - "Lagom, tack!"

"How many baubles should we hang on the Christmas tree??" - "Lagom!"

"Can you chop the carrots, please?" - How big do you want them? - "Lagom!" Oh yes!

This desire for balance and equilibrium is in the Swedes' DNA and that's how they organise their everyday life.


By the way, not all walls are white in Sweden! This coffee corner is in a small café on Gotland. The whole café is furnished with second-hand furniture and this corner has the striking floral wallpaper. But here, too, they have managed to create a balance. Lagom!

What do you think?

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