Ich habe einen Kaktus geschenkt bekommen!

Ich habe einen Kaktus geschenkt bekommen!

What do you think when you get a cactus as a birthday present? A few thoughts flew through my head like:

"Am I that prickly?" and. 

"Oh, am I that mean?"

I met Martina a just few weeks ago and it was a starting friendship. Is there a hidden story?

It was, she said that this cactus is a "NO"ctus! 

Aaaahh, all right, right?

I smiled nicely and hoped to escape from the situation soon, but I still had to ask: "What is a "NO"ctus?"

Then she explained that this "NO"ctus is to help me say "NO"! 

A few days earlier we had a discussion about how we say "NO" too rarely, always take on too much, but somehow always manage to do it! Now the shoe was slowly on the other foot! So I wasn't so prickly, on the contrary, I should become more prickly! 

Since that day, this "NO"ctus has been my sign for simply saying "No"! This works in everyday situations as well as at work and especially when it comes to fast fashion! Around the same time I found these little 925 sterling silver cacti (made in Italy or France from at least 60% recycled silver).


How about wearing the memory of the "No"ctus on your wrist all the time? So I ordered colourful hemp ribbons to go with it and created the bracelets! Now I always have my "NO"ctus with me!

Why don't you also wear the "NO"ctus! 


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